Doganaconsulting was founded in Pordenone, Italy by Sandro Blarasin, customs broker, and work closely with business operating in foreign trade. DC supplies all the support necessary to work smoothly and without unpleasant surprises.

Its collaborators, qualified and constantly updated in national and Community standards, are able to respond to all fiscal and commercial problems  connected to foreign trade.

Twenty years of knowledge and experience in the customs sectors allows us to successfully carry out and reach your goals entrusted to us.

Elasticity and flexibility are two of our specific qualities which aim to renew our services to the everchanging international scene – that of the European Community expansion to 27countries.

Doganaconsulting assures customer satisfaction with precise and timely solutions to your problems while assisting before, during and after service supply.


Doganaconsulting doesn’t work alone: our system foresees customer involvement. Problems shall be resolved together – with the contribution of the company and the input of our experience. In this way, solutions can be brought about together.

Our skills and work methods can offer you these solutions:

Customs warehouse – set up and management

Fiscal warehouse – set up and management

INTRASTAT declarations

Management of active and passive perfecting


Assessment revising

Start up and management of simplified procedure of residency – IMPORT/EXPORT/TRANSIT

Regularization following exit visa

Recourse and debate (contradiction)

We can also train your staff in the office, whether in groups or individual session using a gradual approach to customs and fiscal material.


Sandro Blarasin

Custom Normative Department   cell. 347 4902176

skype: doganaconsulting1

Tykholiz Snizhana

Responsible East Area Countries             

Interporto Centro Ingrosso settore M n.1

phone ++39 434 573271
fax     ++39 434 570802